We create curriculum, syllabi, and educational materials aiming at inquiry, integration and deep understanding

We work with schools and other institutions to set up courses using the materials we create

We run an annual online course for anybody looking to develop their inquiry and integration abilities

We run occasional workshops for students, teachers, and others, and give talks outlining our vision of education

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The Learning Journey of a Linguist

By KP Mohanan

This is the third part of an extended conversation in the Nalanda Series in Ahmedabad University. In this video Professor K P Mohanan is interviewed by Surya Gubbi (student) about his learning journey at MIT.

linguistics learning education

Lunch on 21st December, 2509

By KP Mohanan, Tara Mohanan, Aditi Ahuja and Rashmi Jejurikar

This is the first in a series of dialogues between 15 year old Rafa and his mother Samira. Samira loves asking Rafa tough questions which get him to think.

Introduction to Representational Systems

By KP Mohanan and Madhav Kaushish

An understanding of representations and representational systems is crucial for anybody looking to understand or create knowledge. In this first video, Mohanan and Madhav go over various different types of representational systems.

representation classification inquiry

The Art and Craft of Constructing and Evaluating Theories

By KP Mohanan

In this talk at IISER Bhopal (8th August 2019) , Professor Mohanan explores what it takes for an educational program to help students develop the capacity to construct and evaluate theories in mathematics, physical-biological-human sciences and the humanities as the logical and conceptual foundations for academic knowledge.

Transdisciplinary Thinking

By KP Mohanan

There are various ways in which disciplines relate to each other. Transdisciplinarity refers to the common abstractions which cut across disciplines. This includes concepts like justification, structure, and so on.

transdisciplinarity inquiry

Enhancing Academic Intelligence: Interview

By KP Mohanan

An interview of KP Mohanan by Professor Ashwin Kumar from Ahmedabad University. This is part of the Nalanda Series.

intelligence integration learning education inquiry

Conceptual Inquiry: Democracy

By KP Mohanan

This recording of a classroom session delves into the concept of democracy. Students are attempting to clarify the concept.

conceptual inquiry concept clarification classroom
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