Enhancing Academic Intelligence: Interview

By KP Mohanan

Enhancing Academic Intelligence: Interview

By <a href="/articles/12">KP Mohanan</a>

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This is the first part of an extended conversation in the Nalanda Series in Ahmedabad University, between Professor K P Mohanan and the students and faculty of the University, on "Enhancing Academic Intelligence"

This part is consists of an interview by Professor Ashwin Kumar 
A timeline of the video:
01:12 Introduction to Professor K P Mohanan
02:30 Format of Nalanda Conversations 
03:08  What does a General Practioner of Knowledge and Education do in Academia?
07:20 Knowledge is knowledge of something. What is Trans-disciplinary knowledge knowledge of? 
15:00 What is the relation between what the teacher does as a researcher, and what (s)he expects students to learn? 
20:05 What is your diagnosis of the crisis in higher education in India? Based on your diagnosis, what is your solution? 
26:52 Can you elaborate on your distinction between word based thinking and concept based thinking? 
30:29 What is your concept of learning in the context of your vision of education?


Photo by Mwesigwa Joel on Unsplash

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