The Learning Journey of a Linguist

By KP Mohanan

The Learning Journey of a Linguist

By <a href="/articles/14">KP Mohanan</a>

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This is the third part of an extended conversation in the Nalanda Series in Ahmedabad University. In this video Professor K P Mohanan is interviewed by Surya Gubbi (student) about his learning journey at MIT.

The Learning Journey of a Linguist- Interview by Surya Gubbi 
A timeline of the video:
00:10 What made you to decide to pursue a subject such as linguistics that not many people have heard about?
03:04 What are the disciplines that linguistics can be linked to, such that it can revolutionise education in all domains of education?
06:00 Did you get from MIT what you expected to get? 
09:10 We would like to have something like that in our country, but we are constrained by our culture and traditions. How would you change education in India
12:16 What is the legacy that you want to leave behind?


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