LT 1 - Invitation to Inquiry

LT 1 - Invitation to Inquiry

LT 1 - Invitation to Inquiry

As the name implies, a learning trigger is something that triggers learning. Now, learning takes place not only while reading or listening to or watching a trigger, but also when you engage with it later, in your mind. Such learning can (and should) take place when you are taking a walk, traveling on a bus, or having a shower, or even when you are about to fall asleep. Learning can also happen when you discuss the triggers, and your own ideas about them, with others; or in the process of responding to the triggers in the bi-weekly submissions and in the Discussion Forum. How much you learn from them, and how deeply, will depend on the time and mental effort you invest in these activities.

The goal of Learning Trigger 1 (LT1) is to take the first step in developing a feel for what we mean by ‘inquiry’, and by learning through inquiry.

Part 1

‘Invitation to Rational Inquiry’ is Chapter 1 of a book meant for high school students and beyond.

Read the chapter. You can access it here.

Watch “Inquiry and Integration: Introduction,” a 3-video playlist, here:

Reflect on what the reading and videos say about inquiry and integration, think about what you have learnt from them, and how (if at all) it is different from the kind of learning experience you’ve had in the past.

Discuss your ideas with others you might know in the course, or with whoever is willing to listen and respond.

Part II 

Watch Video 2, “What is a Solid?”, here:

Reflect on the following question:

What do you think are the specific mental abilities that the tasks in this video and reading aim to nurture?

As with Part I, you might find it fruitful to discuss your ideas with interested colleagues or friends.

The purpose of Part II is to help you develop a feel for Inquiry-Oriented Education (IOE).


Photo by Teo Duldulao on Unsplash