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Webinar | Reading to learn

19 June, 2021

We have all learned to read. But do we read to learn?
In the era of fake news, how do we sift through what we read to get credible news and reliable knowledge?

Participants: KP Mohanan, Pallavi Naik, Tara Mohanan

Webinar - What Should I Learn?

1 May, 2021

How should I choose what to learn? How should I equip myself with the abilities I would need to learn whatever I want to? 

Whether you are a high school student contemplating your college options, a person who wants to continue learning at your job, a parent wishing to figure out how to best raise your child, you must have asked yourself these questions at some point!

Panelists: Dr Bhushan Patwardhan, former Vice-Chairman of the UGC
Dr Lakshmi V, Vice President, Tiger Analytics LLP
Dr KP Mohanan, co-founder, ThinQ

Inquiry Webinar | Tongue Twisters and Brain Twisters

25 April, 2021

There's so much we don't know about the way in which our minds, brains, and bodies work. In this webinar, we will see what it means to inquire into a question.
Participants: KP Mohanan, Shamli Manasvi, Madhav Kaushish, Chintan Jadwani

Why Mathematics?

17 April, 2021

People often say things like, ‘I’m not a mathematics person. I can’t do mathematics’. That is probably true if you think of mathematics as number crunching or following algorithms. However, that is a very narrow way of thinking about the discipline. Mathematics, by its very nature, is one of the most creative of disciplines. We are not constrained by the empirical world while doing mathematics - only by the limitations of our minds.

In this chat, we will explore a few questions including:

  1. What is mathematics?

  2. Why do we need to learn mathematics - what should be the goals of mathematics education?

  3. How can we become better mathematicians and help others do the same?

If you enjoy mathematics, you will have fun talking about it. If you think you do not, our hidden agenda is to convert you to someone who loves mathematics!

Participants: R Ramanujam, Professor, IMSc Chennai
KP Mohanan, Co-founder, ThinQ
Madhav Kaushish, Co-founder, ThinQ

Learning to Learn - A LIVE Chat

10 April, 2021

What does it mean to be a good learner? Can we actually learn how to become one? 
Join Siddharth, Mo, and Tara for a live chat on Saturday, to discuss these questions, and learn more about our annual online course, Inquiry and Integration in Education (IIE) 2021. 
Participants: KP Mohanan, Tara Mohanan

Q&A with Tara and Mohanan for Linguistics Students

Nov 4, 2020

On 28th October 2020, Tara and Mohanan had a conversation with students on linguistics on theoretical issues in phonology and phonetics. 

Tara and Mohanan will be available for a Q & A session for linguistics students.

Watch the Q&A here

Participants: KP Mohanan, Anjali N, Tara Mohanan

Part 2 | Critical Thinking: From NEP to Student Learning

Aug 29, 2020

In our next webinar, we bring the discussion about critical thinking into the classroom.

We discuss the goals and challenges of critical thinking with school administrators and expert teachers!

Participants: Ramesh, KP Mohanan, Palaniappan A, Tara Mohanan

Critical Thinking: From NEP to Student Learning

Aug 22, 2020

NEP 2020 says helping learners acquire critical thinking abilities is a high priority for Indian education.

How do we achieve this goal?
What stands in the way?
How do we overcome the obstacles?

Participants: Sriram, KP Mohanan, Subir Shukla, Tara Mohanan

Inquiry Webinar 6 - Designing Experiments

Jul 12, 2020

Zoya and Aryan each bought a jasmine plant of the same variety. When the plants bloomed, Zoya's flowers were fragrant, but Aryan's flowers were not.
What caused this to happen? 
Participants: Aditi Ahuja, Madhav Kaushish, Tara Mohanan

Inquiry Webinar 5 - What is a Scientific Theory

Jun 14, 2020

All of us have heard the word 'theory' used in contexts like 'Theory of Relativity' or 'Theory of Mind'. You may have even heard people say that 'gravity' is 'just a theory'.

So, what is a theory? More specifically, what is a 'scientific theory'?

Join us in exploring these questions, as we show you how to construct your own rudimentary scientific theories.

Participants: Aditi Ahuja, Madhav Kaushish

FACE - ThinQ - TNTEU Webinar on Enhancing Classroom Effectiveness by Facilitating Thinking

May 26 2020

During this session, we went through examples of activities that can be done in the classroom with topics that are covered as a part of the school syllabus, and demonstrated ways in which it is possible to go beyond the scope of the textbook to help children think actively.

Here are responses to questions which were asked during the webinar, but we were unable to answer due to lack of time.

Participants: Aditi Ahuja, Ramesh, KP Mohanan

Webinar for Parents

May 6 2020

"It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings" - Ann Landers 

While success could be defined differently by everyone, as parents we give our best to our children when we teach them to be inquisitive. This will come from questioning and inquiring. 
Come join us as we discuss how, as parents, we can fan the flame of innate curiosity of our children. 

Participants: Vaideesh, Sriram, Shireen Sultana

Inquiry Webinar 4 - Exploring Ethics through Reasoning

May 3 2020

We constantly, and often subconsciously, make judgements about people and their actions - whether what they said or did was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.
Is there a way to figure out the principles, assumptions and reasoning behind our judgements? 
If others don’t agree with our judgements, how do we resolve the differences?
Participants: Aditi Ahuja, Vignesh, KP Mohanan, Madhav Kaushish

ThinQ-FACE Webinar - Developing Thinking Abilities Relevant for Engineering Education

Apr 28 2020

A Bachelor's program in Engineering should empower learners to function well in their jobs as Engineers, and at the same time, function well as educated people in their professional, public, and personal lives. How do we satisfy these two expectations?

Here are responses to questions which were asked during the webinar, but we were unable to get to due to lack of time.

Here is the presentation used in the webinar.

Participants: Vignesh, Vaideesh, KP Mohanan

Inquiry Webinar 3 - How to Think Like a Mathematician

Apr 26 2020

Engage with the youngest and oldest members of the ThinQ collective as they work through the process of justifying claims in mathematics, sometimes with the help of all their grandmothers! 
A session for learners who want to explore the world of mathematics by inquiring.

Inquiry Webinar 2 - Historical Inquiry

Apr 19 2020

When we told a 5-year-old recently that there was a time when there were no smartphones, she refused to believe us. This left some members of ThinQ very puzzled, so we decided to investigate.
How can we prove that there was actually a time when there were no smartphones? In this webinar, we explored how historians think and inquire into the past.
Participants: Aditi Ahuja, Vaideesh, KP Mohanan, Madhav Kaushish

Webinar for Educators 1 - Purpose of Education

Apr 16 2020

Ever wondered what ought to be the purpose of education? How can people interested in providing good education enable themselves to do so? These are some of the questions we discussed in this webinar.
The panel has Dr. Tara Mohanan, Dr KP Mohanan, Rashmi Jejurikar and Aditi Ahuja. All of them are members of ThinQ.

Inquiry Webinar 1 - Definitions

Apr 12 2020

If we say that an object is a solid if it has a fixed shape, and a liquid takes the shape of the container, is a mound of sand a solid or a liquid? What about a soap bubble? How can we construct rigorous definitions to understand the world around us in a better way? These are some of the questions we discussed in this webinar.
The panel has Madhav Kaushish, Dr KP Mohanan, Rashmi Jejurikar and S. Vaideeshwaran. All of them are members of ThinQ.