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Quantitative and Qualitative Research

K. P. Mohanan

Quantitative research is often formulated as research in which data are coded into numerals, while Qualitative research is research in which data are coded into words. Making the distinction this way doesn't adequately capture the nature of Quantitative and Qualitative research, which often leads to confusion in various academic settings. This video seeks to clarify that distinction by framing Quantitative research as research in which data encode countable or measurable quantities which can be subjected to mathematical procedures such as calculus or statistics. Qualitative research, on the other hand, is descriptive and specific to the particular subjects of a study. Sample-to-population reasoning can then used to make interpretations of the data which correspond with predictions made by a theory.

Indoctrination in Linguistics Education  
(Linguistics series -4)

K. P. Mohanan

Reflections on Justified Concepts  

K. P. Mohanan, Tara Mohanan

Image by Sharon McCutcheon