Madhav Kaushish


Madhav, a co-founder of ThinQ, got his PhD in Mathematics, with a focus on Mathematics Education, at The University of Arizona in 2021. His focus for his PhD was on students constructing mathematical theories, and his thesis was titled 'Theory Building in Geometry Education.' He received his Masters in Mathematics in 2019 from The University of Arizona. His Master's thesis was titled 'Assumption Digging in Euclidean Geometry.' Before starting on his PhD, Madhav consulted for UNESCO-MGIEP on developing a course on Global Citizenship. Before that, he worked with Learn Today, the educational arm of India Today, developing curriculum and managing their online product development team. His first job after graduating from Oberlin College in 2011 was founding a startup, SmarterGrades, an online, adaptive numeracy learning portal. He is currently writing on mathematical thinking at