About Us

ThinQ stands for Thinking, Inquiring, Integrating, and Questioning


Distinctive about the approach to knowledge, inquiry, and education is trans-disciplinary integration of knowledge concepts, inquiry concepts, and inquiry abilities, This approach is grounded in decades of research on how we arrive at knowledge, justify it, and critically evaluate it, in mathematics, the physical-biological-human sciences, and the humanities.

We seek to:

  • empower learners to think, inquire, and question like mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, and historians, and function like truly educated individuals; and

  • enable them to understand, change, and enhance the world around them

In order to achieve our goals, ThinQ engages in the following activities:

  • Creating learning and teaching resources aimed at facilitating Inquiry-Oriented Learning, including audio, video, and text material, with exposition, activities, worksheets, and learning triggers that help develop inquiry abilities

  • Creating assessment tasks that test inquiry and critical thinking abilities

  • Developing a network of resource persons who can empower teachers through workshops and online interactions

  • Providing curriculum support to schools and school systems, to create learning environments in harmony with inquiry and critical thinking abilities

  • Partnering with like-minded individuals and groups to work towards a better world through education

Past Work


ThinQ created the text materials for an online course on Inquiry and Integration for middle school students for MGIEP, an agency within UNESCO.

University Grants Commission

Kaveri Group of School

ThinQ set up a course on Inquiry and Integration for 6th graders at the Kaveri Group of Schools in Pune. The course is run for two hours a week in the schools and is facilitated by teachers at the schools using materials ThinQ created.


ThinQ created a course for The University Grants Commission of India. This course is an introductory course on academic inquiry which will soon be available online for undergaduate students across India.

Mohanan, a member of ThinQ, regularly ran a face-to-face course for no credit for undergraduates at IISER, Pune. The course is a transdisciplinary Introduction to Research.