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Introduction to Research

The textbook chapters at this site were prepared by K P Mohanan and Tara Mohanan  for a twelve-week introduction to research, for Masters and PhD students as a general foundation for research across disciplines, ranging across mathematics, the physical sciences, life sciences, and the humanities.

The videos are recordings of the online sessions of the course offered in 2021.

For Research Students and Faculty
If you are

  1. a Masters or PhD student who needs to submit a Research Project/Thesis in the near future, 

  2. a faculty member who would like to help students develop an understanding of research and the capacity to engage in research in any domain, or

  3. a researcher who would like to further enhance your understanding of research and the capacity to engage in research in any domain, 

you might find the materials at this site valuable. And if you resonate positively, do tell others who might benefit from this. If you wish to receive materials related to academic Inquiry/research and critical
thinking, please fill in the subscription form at the end.

For Institutions of Higher Education
If there are universities, institutes, or autonomous colleges where the administration and a small team of dedicated faculty would like to commit time and effort to use this material at this site to help your students, please contact us: we would be happy to provide assistance.


For any assistance, please write to us at

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