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17-June-2023 | 9 AM to 4 PM

One Day Workshop on Theory Construction in Biology

Facilitation Team

Dr. KP Mohanan 

(Co-founder, ThinQ)

Dr. Vigneshwar Ramakrishnan 

(SASTRA Deemed to be University)

Consultant Team

Dr. Tara Mohanan 

(Co-founder, ThinQ)

Dr. Chandra Verma 

(Bioinformatics Institute A*STAR, Singapore)


Dr. M. S. Madhusudhan 

(IISER Pune, India)

Biology is widely known as an experimental science. However, contrary to this popular notion, it is a rich terrain for theory construction. This workshop seeks to provide a rudimentary introduction to the art and craft of theory construction in biology as a foundation for learning, inquiry and research in Biology. It necessarily involves critical thinking, and critical reading as well.

Who is this workshop for?

Bachelor's, Master's and PhD students in the life sciences, health sciences, and medical sciences.

What can you expect out of the workshop?

  • get a rudimentary idea of what a (biological) theory is;

  • get a glimpse of the core concepts involved in biological theory construction; and

  • develop rudimentary abilities for theory construction.

For more details, read the below document.

Intro To Theory Construction in Biology
Download PDF • 127KB

What is the mode of conduct of the workshop?

The workshop will be held in the online mode.

How to register for the workshop?

Fill in the details asked for in this form:

Cost for the workshop:

The workshop is free of cost.

No certificate will be provided

About the Workshop

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