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Constructing a Theory of Motion

K. P. Mohanan, Tara Mohanan

About this book:

This book is an introduction to how we construct theories in science to explain natural phenomena, in this case, the phenomena clustering around the motion of inanimate objects. It aims to help the young reader gain an experiential understanding of the way scientists think, and of the kinds of questions they ask, and develop the capacity to think like a scientist. The abilities needed for this are important because they can be extended to thinking, inquiring, and formulating questions not only in other domains of academic knowledge, but also in life beyond academics. This we see as the main benefit of the book. The reader would also gain a better understanding of some of the foundational concepts in physics. We expect the book to be useful for researchers and research students across disciplines. The background knowledge of science and mathematics needed for access to the content is what one would have most likely have learnt in Class 8 in school.

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