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Implementing The Proposal For Higher-Order Cognition In University Curricula

By K P Mohanan, Tara Mohanan, and Vigneshwar Ramakrishnan

The National Education Policy 2020 recommends that University curricula include a strand

of education that aims at Higher-Order Cognitive Capacities (HOCC). Following up on this

recommendation, the NAAC white paper, Re-Imagining Assessment and Accreditation in

Higher Education in India (2022) proposes that regardless of the area of specialisation, the

assessment and accreditation of all undergraduate programs include considerations of

successful student learning in terms of HOCC.

This note is an attempt to communicate to Faculty members of Universities what a course

on HOCC might look like and what it would aim at.

You can read the article here

Photo by Jean D on Unsplash


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