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Socratic Oath of the Academic

By K P Mohanan and Tara Mohanan

The Hippocratic Oath embodies an ethical commitment of the community of medical doctors. There are many versions of the Oath, but they all share a core commitment: to treat the ill and prevent disease as best as one can, and to do no harm.

Equivalents of this oath can be found in other pursuits, such as Nobel Laureate Joseph Rotblat’s Hippocratic Oath for Scientists (1995). Among such equivalents are versions of the Socratic Oath for Teachers, articulating an ethical commitment of the community of educators.

The two documents below try formulate a Socratic Oath of the Academic, as distinct from the Socratic Oath of the Teacher.

The Socratic Oath of An Academic
Download PDF • 181KB

Another Socratic Oath
Download PDF • 190KB

Photo by Chris Vanhove on Unsplash


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